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Why use Arrow Technik?

It would be far too easy for us to fill an article with mind-blowing details about how amazing we are as a company, and how we work to get your brand message across…so naturally, we’ll take a slightly different approach.

The purpose of trade shows and exhibitions is to firstly, gain exposure for your company’s products and services. Secondly, to network with other industry leaders which could potentially lead to bringing new clients on board and then ultimately, up your sales. Exhibitions are a far more dynamic and visually-stimulating form of direct marketing and can do a lot for a company who want to raise awareness of their brand.

In the case of trade shows, 43% of visitors on average are new and 57% are previous attendants, while at consumer shows just under half (45%) of visitors are attending for the first time. (Source: Vivid Event Performance Indices/ SEER) This presents a valuable opportunity to interact with fresh consumers and raise your brand awareness to an enormous degree. Your job is to simply show up, and present your brand in all its heavenly glory to an arena full of visitors who are there because they have a shared interest in your industry.

Arrow Technik is a market leading exhibition stand design and creation company that has produced stands for some of the world‘s leading brands. We have over 25 years experience designing and building exhibition stands worldwide, so we’ve been around the block a bit. Arrow Technik is renowned for our ability to bring illustration to life with imaginative concepts that embody not only our brands’ values and core messages but their integral brand image.

Many of our clients use Arrow Technik as not only international exhibition stand contractors, but trust in our expertise to construct 3-dimensional designs for both retail and commercial ventures or to manage their audio-visual equipment. Our services are centred on the ethos, “from concept to completion” and we integrate your business and its brand at every stage of our design and construction process.

Our job is to lift the pressure off you and translate your ideas into something tangible. Leave us to do the graft and concentrate on how you’re going to reel the customers in once your exhibition captures their attention.

 If that wasn’t enough to tempt you then please do visit the Arrow Technik website for details of our latest projects and to find out more about our exhibition services.

 For all the latest industry news head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what we’ve been posting lately.